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Quick View SM-BB9000_1200X900_v1_m56577569830921062.jpg DURA-ACE 바텀브래킷 Quick View BB-7700_1200x900_v1_m56577569830913877.jpg DURA-ACE 바텀브래킷

옥타링크 바텀브래킷

Quick View SM-BBR60_2_1200x900_v1_m56577569830903138.jpg ULTEGRA 바텀브래킷

Thread type Bottom Bracket

Quick View SM-BB91-41B-4c-shi1_1200x900_v1_m56577569830876353.jpg 프레스-핏 바텀브래킷

Press-Fit Bottom Bracket

Quick View BB-UN26_600x450_v1_m56577569830923553.jpg 카트리지 바텀브래킷