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Quick View SUNASP_v1_m56577569830910059.png Sunglasses Aspire

A cool looking carbon frame with smoke coloured polarised lenses for a wide variety of conditions.

Quick View SUNBM02_v1_m56577569830910061.png Sunglasses Beastmaster

A stylish pair of polaroid glasses in the iconic Beastmaster colours.

Quick View SUNSTR_v1_m56577569830910070.png Sunglasses Stradic

The Stradic's incorporate an easy lens adjustment system to help improve visibility during changeable light situations.

Quick View SUNYAS_v1_m56577569830910073.png Sunglasses Yasei

Yasei sunglasses feature a stylish silver-white frame and grey coloured polarised polycarbonate mirrored lenses

Quick View SUNAER2_v1_m56577569830910057.png Sunglasses Aero

Aero sunglasses feature two changeable grey & yellow coloured polarised lenses and a shiny black frame.

Quick View SUNAERNOS_v1_m56577569830910058.png Sunglasses Aernos

The Aernos feature a lightweight frame and provide excellent side cover from light due to the shape of the frame.

Quick View SUNTEC_v1_m56577569830910071.png Sunglasses Technium

The Technium's feature an ultra lightweight carbon look frame and mirrored lenses.

Quick View SUNC_v1_m56577569830910062.png Sunglasses Curado

The Curado's are the perfect glasses for low light conditions due to their light amber lenses.

Quick View SUNLESXT_v1_m56577569830910066.png Sunglasses Lesath XT

These stylish shades are built on a lightweight aluminium frame with blue-mirrored polarised lenses.

Quick View SUNBIO_v1_m56577569830910060.png Sunglasses Biomaster

The Biomaster's feature a polarised photo chromic lenses and a lightweight silver frame.

Quick View SUNFB_v1_m56577569830910064.png Sunglasses Fireblood

The Fireblood's utilise high contrast polarised lenses and a Grillamid TR90 frame.

Quick View SUNPUR02_v1_m56577569830910067.png Sunglasses Purist

Built on a floating Grillamid frame, the Purist's feature amber lenses making them perfect for low light conditions.