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Baitcasting reels
Quick View calcutta_d_v1_m56577569830902897.png Calcutta D

Widely regarded as the strongest and most reliable high-speed baitcasting multiplier, with a reputation spanning back over 20 years.

Quick View cardiff_a_v1_m56577569830902899.png Cardiff A

An easy-to-use left hand multiplier suitable for a multitude of different purposes. Its High Speed gearing makes it perfect for working lures at speed.

Quick View corvalus_v1_m56577569830902904.png Corvalus

A compact left-hand casting reel with built in level-wind suitable for many different lure fishing styles.

Quick View 4x3_citica_i_v1_m56577569830985970.png Citica I

This high speed baitcasting reel has gained a reputation for reliability at a sensible price.

Quick View 4x3_casitas_v1_m56577569831013233.png Casitas

A compact, versatile and durable bait casting reel, suited to numerous situations.

Quick View 4x3_metanium_mgl_v1_m56577569831028024.png Metanium MGL

The Metanium MGL is the flagship model of low profile bait casting reels from Shimano. 

Quick View 4x3_curado_v1_m56577569831028023.png Curado

The new Curado range of reels built with HAGANE components, brings a new level of super fast gear ratios to baitcasting reels.  From a brand name which is 100% reliable.

Quick View 4x3_caenan_a_v1_m56577569831028021.png Caenan A

The new Caenan A offers every price conscious angler performance, durability and cosmetic appeal without relinquishing quality.

Quick View 4x3_caius_a_v1_m56577569831028022.png Caius A

The new Casius A is a compact, versatile, and durable bait casting reel. Designed with light weight lure casting in mind, this reel has Super Stopper and the strong XT-7 body so you can be confident it will still comfortably handle hard fighting fish.

Quick View 4x3_aldebaran_bfs_xg_v1_m56577569831049528.png Aldebaran BFS XG

The Alderaban BFS XG is light, compact and fast with a shallow magnesium spool allowing the reel to cast lighter lures even further.

Quick View 47x20_calcutta_conquest_v1_m56577569831037882.png Calcutta Conquest

Shimano’s flagship round bait caster, Calcutta Conquest features the new S3D balanced spool.

Quick View 4x3_grappler_bb_hg_v1_m56577569831038725.png Grappler BB HG

The new Grappler BB is primarily designed for jigging with a lightweight body manufactured from Shimano’s exclusive CI4+ material.