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Fish care & weighing

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Fish care and weighing
Quick View Tribal_protection_mat_v1_m56577569831040098.png Tribal Protection Mat

Extra large floating mat with high protective sides and quick release fold down corner for fish release. Folds away into a compact carry bag.

Quick View Tribal_stalker_mat_v1_m56577569831040100.png Tribal Stalker Mat

Lightweight and fold away with thinner padding for better transportation. AQS enables clip-on to stalker bag or rod sleeves.

Quick View Tribal_recovery_sling_v1_m56577569831040099.png Tribal Recovery Sling

Mesh body for maximum water circulation and 3 security closure clips and zip sides. Supplied in a watertight AQS bag.

Quick View PopUp_mat_v1_m56577569831034661.png Tribal Pop-up Mat

A space saving unhooking mat with maximum protection for the fish. Folds completely flat for transport.

Quick View Beanie_mat_v1_m56577569831034658.png Tribal Beanie Mat

Excellent mat combines good fish protection with easy fold-fl at transport solution.

Quick View Roll_mat_v1_m56577569831034665.png Tribal Roll Mat

Multi functional mat for fi sh protection and as a temporary seat when stalker fishing. The inner foam tubes provide protection and with little weight.

Quick View Giant_mat_v1_m56577569831034660.png Tribal Giant Mat

Designed for giant carp. With a length of 140cm this mat will cope with all carp. The large size offers maximum of fl exibility in handling and perfect protection.

Quick View Recovery_weigh_sling_v1_m56577569831034662.png Tribal Recovery Weigh Sling

The perfect combination of a recovery and weigh sling.

Quick View Carp_cradle_v1_m56577569831034659.png Tribal Carp Cradle

Keeps fish in a perfect condition when unhooking and at an easier height. Ideal for use in combination with the Tribal Recovery and Weigh Slings.